Micro Distilleries & Ethical Growers

Our raw materials are sourced from sustainable, biodynamic growers and distillers and we favour wild harvested materials.


Consciously Crafted

We do not assign any production to laboratories. Instead, our perfume synergies are hand blended in small batches by the artists who create them



We pledge to formulate perfumes that are; made from 100% whole natural materials, have undergone physical extraction methods and never chemical, source materials from GMO free, sustainable, biodynamic and natural sources.


SIUNO acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of Country, elders past, present and emerging. With profound respect, we honor the wisdom and resilience of the Kaurna Elders where we reside whose deep connection to the land has shaped its essence across generations. In crafting our perfumes, we draw inspiration from the healing essence of the land, recognising perfume not only as an art form but as a conduit for connection, restoration, and reverence for the natural world. May our endeavors always reflect the harmony and respect owed to the lands and waters that nurture us.