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for growth & elevation

A complex combination of green, zesty, and woody notes, create a well-rounded smoky, citrusy scent. Calabrian bergamot and Japanese Yuzu combine with the saintly qualities of labdanum, earthy Madagascan Vetiver, and grounding Australian Sandalwood. Ulysses is complex fragrance inspired by the hero's journey. More than just a perfume it is an elixir consciously crafted to support you on your own inner odyssey of growth and elevation. 

*ethically sourced directly from reputable growers and distilleries. Consciously crafted from 100% pure botanicals. Isolate and synthetic free.

Batch: 003  Vintage: 2022 Released: 2023

Created on Kuarna Land - 1% of all profits donated to indigenous charity The Returning


    Key Raw Materials: Vetiver (Madagascar), Clary Sage (Spain), Bergamot (Italy), Sandalwood (Australia), Blue Cypress (Australia), Yuzu (Japan)

    Eau De Parfum: Ultra premium 100% natural grape alcohol (Barossa Valley)

    Roll-on: 100% Organic Jojoba oil (Australia), Alcohol free product

    Natural pure grape alcohol steam distilled in the Barossa Valley (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural botanical fragrance blend (parfum)

    Allegern declaration:
    Linalool, limonene, citral, citronellal farnesol, farnesal, coumarin,
    eugenol, geraniol, anisyl alcohol. (Natural components of essential


    Ulysses derives from the ideology of the beauty we reach when we are prepared to sit patiently and experience all the seasons of our own growth and transformation. A fragrance created to support you in realizing your highest potential. Encouraging growth and transformation. Ulysses is the name given to the Australian blue butterfly and is the Roman name for Odysseus, the protagonist of Ancient Greek Myth ‘The Odyssey’ - A story of a man’s journey back home and how each lesson he learned along the way led him back home to his higher sense.

    Perfumer's Notes

    When I began the more formalised work on Ulysses, the process followed the
    same chaotic and non-linear trajectory as most of my creative endeavours. The first phase is a very right brain approach. This is, in many ways, reminiscent of how the alchemist journeys down into a cave, and symbolic of going within to “mine” for the gold.

    As I walked deeper into the darkness of the mine, within a whirlwind of my jotted texts and scent strips, the formula began to coalesce. Vetiver will add an earthy anchor to the fragrance, while Australian Blue Cypress and citrus will contrast and express the airy flutter of luminescent butterfly wings. All the other essences filled out the form,adding important sinews to the overall structure.

    Roxana Villa, Botanical Perfume Artist 


    Powerful transformation

    Moving through life cycles

    Renewal, rebirth

    Lightness of being

    Elevation from earthly matters

    Tuning into emotional or spiritual

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    Consciously crafted from 100% pure plant material. Our raw materials are sourced seasonally from sustainable and ethical growers.

    Free from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, alcohol denaturants and isolates.