What is botanical perfumery?

Botanical perfume is a mystical approach perfumery that emphasizes the use of plant-based ingredients. It represents a niche segment within the fragrance industry that caters to the more informed consumer seeking to support environmentally conscious practices. Botanical perfumers practice methods similar to early fragrance makers, incorporating principles of alchemy and environmentalism into their creations.

Botanical perfumers draw inspiration from the rich history of fragrance making, seeking to preserve the diversity and soul of the industry while embracing new heights of artistic expression.

Botanical perfume  contributes to the preservation of ancient wisdom, sustainable practices, and a harmonious connection with nature. This approach nurtures a deeper understanding of the relationship between plants, the environment, and human well-being.

What ingredients do you use in your perfume synergies?
We only use essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes and resins to create our perfume synergies. We adhere to the International Perfume Foundations standards for natural perfumery as below:

  1. ​Formulate perfumes from 100% natural materials.
  2. Source materials from sustainable, biodynamic and natural sources that do not include GMO.
  3. Follow the New Luxury Code of respect                                                Cannot use:
    - Animal musks 
    - Animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers)
    - Synthetic Compounds
    ​- Parabens, Phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors)
    - Isolates 
    - Phenoxyethanol
    - Glycols 
    - Ethoxylated compounds   

Where are your raw materials sourced?

Our raw materials are sourced directly from sustainable, biodynamic growers and distillers and we favour wild harvested materials. Our eau de parfum is made using pure alcohol distilled from Australian wine making residuals in the Barossa Valley, supporting our dedication to circularity.  Our ‘Olio mirabilis’ is made with 100% organic jojoba oi.

What are perfume isolates which are used by most natural fragrance brands and why does SIUNO not use them?

Perfume isolates are individual fragrance molecules that are extracted chemically from a natural ingredients. While some companies may choose to use isolates to create specific scents, we at SIUNO prefer to use whole botanical extracts in our perfumes. By using the entire plant or botanical, we are able to capture the full range of aromatic compounds and ensure the healing benefits of the plant remain. Additionally, we believe that using whole plant extracts aligns with our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste, as it allows us to utilize more of the plant in our perfumes.

Are your perfumes vegan?
SIUNO products are never tested on animals. All our products are vegan.

What  concentration is your botanical perfume?
Our perfumes are Eau de parfum with a concentration of 15-20%. Our olio mirabilis is a 30%  concentrate.

Are your perfumes suitable for everyone?
Absolutely! We create fragrances for all humanity.

Do botanical perfumes last on the skin or wear differently compared to other perfumes?

Botanical perfumes can have a unique wearing experience compared to other perfumes. While the longevity and projection of a fragrance depend on various factors, including the specific ingredients used and their concentrations, botanical perfumes may exhibit some differences in how they interact with the skin. Our customer feedback is that they cannot believe how well our fragrances last and how well they project. We make a concerted effort to ensure longevity.

Botanical perfumes tend to have a more intimate and subtle presence on the skin. They often unfold in layers, gradually revealing different facets of the fragrance over time. Due to the natural composition of botanical ingredients, their scent profile can be nuanced and complex, offering a more personal and sensorial experience.

However, it's important to note that individual body chemistry and skin type can also influence how any perfume, including botanical ones, performs on the skin. Factors such as pH balance, body temperature, and personal scent preferences can affect the longevity and development of the fragrance.

 Are botanical perfumes safe?

Yes, botanical perfumes are generally considered safe to use on the skin. In fact, many people prefer botanical perfumes precisely because they are made with natural ingredients that are believed to be safer and more gentle compared to synthetic fragrances.

Botanical perfumes are crafted using a variety of plant-based ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes, resins, and plant extracts. These natural ingredients are derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, woods, and other plant parts. They are often obtained through processes like steam distillation or cold-press extraction, which preserve the aromatic compounds of the plants.

Our botanical perfumes  utilize natural ingredients, and are 100% free from synthetic chemicals, artificial colorants, or harsh additives that can be found in some mainstream perfumes. This can make them a preferable choice for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer to minimize their exposure to synthetic substances.

However, it's important to note that everyone's skin is unique, and some individuals may still have sensitivities or allergies to certain botanical ingredients. It is recommended to perform a patch test before applying a new botanical perfume directly to a larger area of skin. Apply a small amount of the perfume to a discreet area, such as the inner wrist, and observe for any adverse reactions such as redness, itching, or irritation.

If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to specific botanical ingredients, it's essential to carefully review the ingredient list of a botanical perfume before using it. This will help ensure that you avoid any potential allergens or irritants that could cause a negative reaction.

Overall, when used responsibly and following any specific guidelines or precautions, botanical perfumes can provide a safe and enjoyable olfactory experience on the skin.

Can I purchase your perfumes outside of Australia?

Yes! We ship to a most international destinations.

What is the shelf life of your perfumes?

Botanical perfumes generally have a shelf life of approximately 1 to 3 years. The specific shelf life can vary depending on factors like ingredients and storage conditions. To prolong the shelf life, store your botanical perfume in a cool, dark place, tightly seal the bottle when not in use and avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. Following these guidelines will help maintain the fragrance's quality and ensure an optimal experience. We encourage you to enjoy the aging process of your perfume.