Lesson 2: Benefits of Pure Plant Perfume

Lesson 2: Benefits of Pure Plant Perfume

It is often difficult to describe the difference between what pefume made with pure botanicals offers versus other ways of making perfume. Below is a short summary of some of the benefits of botanical perfume


Synthetics Versus Naturals: 



Low cost.

Higher cost to produce.

Easy to mass produce, source and store.

Requires expert sourcing of raw materials. 

Consistent – no variation.

Slight variations enhancing the natural individuality of both plant and wearer. 

Formulated in lab.

99% of all high-end perfumes are synthetic unless stated otherwise. There are some modern-day perfumers who use a combination of natural ingredients and synthetics. Unless they are 100% pure in their nature, they cannot be considered natural. 

Created from 100% whole plant materials that have not been tampered with in a laboratory.  

Masks our natural self.

Influenced by wearer’s body chemistry – you wear the perfume and make it your own.

Reference is made to gender. 

Gender fluid – away from typical notions of florals as ‘feminine’ etc. 

A replica of nature using petroleum-based chemicals or natural essentials oils that have been isolated in a laboratory. 

Direct from nature – uninterrupted. 

Mass produced in a lab or without thought to energy principles.

Made in small batches with meaningful intention by the perfumer. Held in loving awareness. 


Can be commissioned to any nose or large perfume laboratory.

Perfumer needs experience with nuance of naturals.


Project so the scent can be disruptive to those around you. 

Do not bother other people around you, subtle, mild, but still complex with every note they develop with time. 

Long lasting.

A properly formulated natural perfume can stay up to 3-5 hours.

Can cause allergies, asthma, skin irritation, etc.

A standard patch test is still recommended for all organic and natural beauty products, including natural perfumes.


Colour – usually transparent.

Usually never clear. Come in all shades of green, blue and whisky which represent the rainbow found here on earth. 

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