Profile: Ilona Novacek

Profile: Ilona Novacek

Sydney born, Ilona Novacek is a top model who has graced the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s BAZAAR internationally. Some 20 years later and her career as a model continues to thrive. It is Ilona’s vibrant essence, natural beauty and connection to both her Polynesian and Czechoslovakia roots that is felt in her work as a model, she genuinely embraces and celebrates life every step of the journey. It was a natural progression that she would become the face of our first campaign as she embodies the spirit of SIUNO – a soul unafraid to embark on her own journey of self-discovery.

Ilona shares some musings on her approach to nature, self-care and connection.

What is your favourite scent from nature?

I adore Jasmine, Rose and Ylang ylang as they always bring me back to my heart. My mum introduced me to them so it also reminds me of her when I wear them.

What are your favourite self-care rituals?

I love taking a long bath with essential oils and epson salts. I have been using the Pure Fiji coconut scrub for my skin forever - it’s been something I grew up with and its honestly gives my skin such a glow and even texture I swear by it! For my face  I’m loving the Emma Lewisham range. All her products are natural and high performance. Since I travel a lot I always make sure to moisturise and keep my skin hydrated. I keep it simple as that works best for my skin.

A book that changed your life?

The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo.

What is playing on your Spotify at the moment?


What does beauty mean to you?

Accepting and embracing yourself is my definition of beauty It means feeling beautiful from the inside and out and being connected to my heart and soul. Naturally this shows on the outside and you embody that effortless glow!

Best life advice I have ever been given?

Relax and don’t rush… good things take time!

What keeps you grounded?

As I travel a lot a healthy routine I can do anywhere - exercise, prayer, meditation, connection to family and friends, cooking, having goals and reading.

 Life is…

A journey and a beautiful mystery.

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